In order to determine the unique character of a plot of land earmarked for development, we take into account its history, current conditions, and the future when surveying it. Then, we decide on what sort of user-community would be appropriate for the space, and then customize a living area in accordance with their needs and dreams. We clearly analyze the correct positioning of each and every project. Rather than trying to satisfy everybody, we suit our design to a specifically targeted group of end users. Decisions about public spaces, style of residence, dimensions, layout, building materials, facilities and other such elements are made with the goal of how to create a unique and humanistic living environment for the future residents. This is the way Chiwayland Group distinguishes itself from the competition, and is where our key strength lies. This may not appeal to everybody, but it will definitely suit the groups of customers we understand and seek to serve.

Chiwayland has always striven to be a conscientious corporate citizen, with a strong sense of responsibility and professional integrity. We develop our series of top quality residential complexes in accordance with the policies and provisions of the national government, and are oriented toward satisfying the demands of mainstream consumers as well as meeting the needs of different levels and groups of people.

Chiwayland Group’s philosophy has always been to insist upon basic architectural principles of putting people at the centre of all we do, respecting nature, showcasing culture, and taking a multi-faceted approach to problems while respecting health and safety standards. Our planning is informed by a “neighbourhood structure” approach. That is to say, each individual building is incorporated into an overall neighbourhood community. Public green spaces are integrated into each building’s design. In that way, benefits can be shared, and land utilization is improved. We pay careful attention to the construction of road networks and entrance and exit gates within our compounds to ensure that obstacles to vehicle flow are effectively avoided. All aspects of structural design, landscaping, interior decoration conform to international norms, and employ multi-faceted elements as well as integrating traditional Chinese customs and cultural features, so that we can provide customers with world-class building developments, which have cultural depth as well as pluralistic styles.

Quality Properties and Quality Living

Chiwayland strives to pursue our core development values of “Quality Properties and Quality Living”. We take an international approach to management and we are always striving to adhere to the highest principles of property development. We have cooperated with international architectural and design teams from the United States, Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom. We bring together top global design experience, and expertly translate urban planning, architecture and landscaping to traditional Chinese custom and culture. Thus, we provide consumers world-class building developments with cultural significance and international flavor.